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  • An average order is valued at $300 on which you can make between $50-$70.
  • 30 day cookie
  • Refer 10 purchases a month and you get a free jacket of your choice on top of the commission of those 10 sales.
  • Get a chance to be featured on The Jacket Maker social pages.
  • Get access to our private Facebook Group.

Become a Brand Ambassador

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Requirements and Role

  • Create high quality content and buzz for new product arrivals as well as existing and previously added pieces from The Jacket Maker assortment.
  • High quality content can cover ready-to-wear, made-to-measure or custom pieces. Images for these and others can be sourced by The Jacket Maker team upon request.
  • High quality content can be image based, blog articles, social media brand ambassador content especially Instagram ambassadors who can do posts, stories etc. tagging The Jacket Maker.
  • Brand Ambassadors of The Jacket Maker must have social media accounts set to public.
  • Share brand story and message of The Jacket Maker with organizations in the community of the brand ambassador.
  • Interest in fashion and lifestyle with a keen aspiration to create unique content.
  • A willingness to learn and grow professionally.
  • Having a consistent activity on social media. This could be either YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Blogs etc. Or some of the above.
  • The ability to understand and communicate with our team to best achieve desired results which makes for a win-win on both sides.

Become a Brand Ambassador of The Jacket Maker Today!

We will follow-up with all applicants in the course of a week It is important to read and follow our emails and further instructions for acceptance into our Brand Ambassador program.

Become a Ambassador Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you do get a free jacket of your choice after referring 10 sales in a month, and also you will get 50% discount on your first purchase. The 50% discount is given so you can test the product yourself before promoting the product on your channels.
You will be paid via PayPal based on the sales you refer during that particular month.
You get 15% commission on every sale you refer.
You will be paid at the close of every month.
No worries, if you don’t make 10 sales a month, you will be commissioned accordingly.
We will be tracking all sales and referral activities via your brand ambassador ID.
All brand ambassadors of The Jacket Maker can interact via our Private Facebook Group.
There is no such minimum requirement, but we do appreciate if you post on weekly basis to earn maximum.
We do not bound anyone for this, the more time you spend, the more you will earn
Its depend on you, if you will do this, you will probably earning more than others
Yes you can opt-out of this brand ambassador program at any time.