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Leather Types

Aside from the colour, cut, fit, rise and finish, material or in this case the choice of leather makes a big difference in the end result. That's where we fit in and share with you leather hides and skins from buffalo hide to cow or from lambskin, sheepskin or goatskin that would best suit your style, need and custom design.

Leather Pants

Leather pants have become a wardrobe staple for many people. Regardless of age, gender or location, they reflect a style conscious attitude. We will assist you in achieving your dream style in your favourite colour with a fit and rise that highlights your one of a kind pair of Custom Leather Pants.

Leather jeans

From the young to the young at heart, leather jeans are popularly worn by both genders. Influenced by the traditional jeans and the skin tight quality that they have. We'll help you find a pair, colour and rise that suits your personal style and preferences complementing your Custom Leather Jeans.

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Our Bespoke Process

Our Bespoke Process is truly bespoke to the roots. We may best be described as digital bespoke, following the traditions of bespoke and fusing it with digital technology

About Custom Leather Pants

Design your leather pants the way you’ve always imagined. Custom leather pants offer you room for experimenting, discussing and executing multiple ideas regarding your personalized design. Whether men’s leather pants or women’s leather pants or better yet leather leggings, we’ll help you find the right style that not only reflects the uniqueness of your personality but gives you quality, comfort and durability as well.

Through custom leather pants, we offer you a wide range starting from fabric types and designs to details, colours and any style or size you may be interested in. The Jacket Maker also offers you many other alternatives, should custom leather pants not be your absolute favourite. Custom trench coats, denim jackets, custom varsity jackets, windbreaker jackets or custom bomber jackets to name a few.

Just as custom leather pants have an unlimited capacity for design, while having the ability to fit your personality and lifestyle, the same can be accomplished with any custom outerwear so why stop at just leather pants. That’s why we encourage you to only make a request and let us handle the rest.