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Varsity Jacket Fabrics

Offering you fabrics such as Leather, Wool and Cotton, Suede or Polyester and Nylon, Denim, Fleece or even Satin in flattering colours to achieve your customized Varsity Jacket. We'll ensure you make the right choices in selecting the right sleeves, zipper fronts or snap button closure. We're here for you every step of the way.

Embroidered Varsity Jackets

We’ll guide you through options including unique logos, monograms or graphics that work best to personalize your very own Custom Embroidered Varsity Jacket.

Varsity Sweaters

Our Varsity Sweaters offer you range, variety and options to ensure you make the right choices and go with the best. Assisting you to achieve the finest customized design imaginable from colour and style, to fabric and detail.

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Our Bespoke Process

Our Bespoke Process is truly bespoke to the roots. We may best be described as digital bespoke, following the traditions of bespoke and fusing it with digital technology.

About Custom Varsity Jackets

Varsity jackets, also known as custom letterman jackets, when made specially for the wearer, are more than just garments; they are symbols of personal expression and identity. Imagine a way to tell your story without saying a word—these jackets do just that. With a history dating back to 1865, letterman jackets have evolved from a niche item to a fashion staple, embraced by celebrities like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and James Dean. Their endorsements have propelled these jackets into the limelight, making them iconic in the fashion world.

Today, letterman jackets are experiencing a resurgence, remaining as popular as ever in various subcultures. Whether worn for style, nostalgia, or personal expression, custom letterman jackets continue to make a powerful statement. As time went by, some changes took place, not just in the design, style, material, and fit of letterman jackets, which are also known as varsity jackets.

These changes enabled a diverse audience to try and wear it according to their vibe. It is undeniably true that this single jacket is responsible for carrying the American athletics imagery it has today. This jacket is known by many names, such as the Letterman jacket, varsity jacket, baseball jacket, and varsity sweater, which are some famous and very commonly used names when we talk about them.

Custom Baseball Jackets & What You Need To Know About Them

People who like to reminisce about the good old days can easily express themselves by wearing custom baseball jackets. This single retro fashion piece can be the perfect way you can convey your mood and pull a collegiate style. All you have to do is add a baseball jacket to your outfit, and you will be good to go. The street style fashionistas and influencers alike made some impact by wearing this baseball jacket in distinguished ways, giving the rest of us some more outfit ideas to help us look different than the rest. You can always get yourself a varsity jacket custom-made by The Jacket Maker.

Letterman Jackets Vs Varsity Jackets - The Difference

The large letter at the front is enough to explain why it is called the letterman jacket. We can use both terms interchangeably for varsity jackets. It is the features that set them apart; other than that, there isn’t much difference.

Letterman jackets have a team’s insignia on the chest, leather sleeves, and a wool body. The embroidered letter sign gives these jackets their name. You can also have custom embroidered jackets or get yourself a varsity jacket custom-made by The Jacket Maker.

Varsity jacket, on the other hand, is a broader term that combines every style under one umbrella. Varsity jackets custom-made by us, are the perfect choice to represent a wide range of affiliations; it could be a school/college sports team, a club, or simply a fashion statement. If you design your own varsity jacket, which you can do if you order a personalized varsity jacket from The Jacket Maker, you can choose different materials and styles depending on the outlook you need. The professionals we have will help you make your own letterman jacket.

History of Custom Varsity Letterman Baseball Jackets

Origin of Varsity Jackets

Baseball jackets have a history dating back more than a hundred years. They originated when Harvard University decided to honor the winning players of its sports team with distinctive physical tokens. This tradition led to the creation of varsity jackets, which are now commonly known as baseball jackets. This wardrobe essential is now a symbol that represents exclusivity, courage, and unity. Who thought that the initial step to giving winning players something to remember would one day be recognized as a fashion staple for audiences worldwide?

Evolution of Varsity Jackets

The varsity jackets, also known as the custom baseball jackets or letterman jackets, cemented their place in the fashion industry with a bang. But there is more to it than meets the eye; initially crafted from a thick knit sweater, this piece has undergone a significant series of transformations. From heavy leather to cardigan variants and different fabric options, the range of materials and styles expanded the audience of this jacket, with the evolution taking place. People all around the world embraced this iconic style and rocked it in a way that made it closer to every fashion-forward individual’s heart.

Cultural Impact of Varsity Jackets

Varsity jackets are not limited to sports; as we mentioned earlier, they are a symbol of unity. Their cultural impact goes beyond many subcultures. From fashion movements to clubs, gangs, and many groups, everyone adopted this jacket as a symbol to represent and extend their garment game one step ahead. Fashion designers, as a result, embraced the trend and incorporated different styles and designs, making it a fashionable piece that again became beloved and a sartorial choice for many.

Design & Material Details of a Custom Varsity Letterman Jacket

Baseball jackets are very interesting, and they are somewhat similar to custom bomber jackets. The best part about these jackets is that they can be custom-made. Before customizing, it is up to you to choose how and what your custom baseball jacket should look like, no matter how odd it may look; as long as it serves your style, you are good. The same goes for the material. Thankfully we have a collection of men’s varsity jackets and women’s varsity jackets that you can explore. If none of the options meets your eye, you can always opt for a custom letterman jacket made just for you.

This way, you make your own letterman jacket with your choice of material and design. From quilted polyester lining that is breathable to rib-knit style, we have one for everyone. Our custom baseball jackets are available in many colors, from navy blue, black, brown, and even gray varsity jackets are easily available. It is the most convenient way to don a custom varsity jacket that goes well with your personality. You can always choose a different approach and get yourself custom leather jackets or custom satin jackets, whichever you require for your style, that too from The Jacket Maker.

Custom Varsity Jackets For Men’s and Women’s And More

The Jacket Maker is not just about custom varsity jackets for men; it is all about giving you the main character energy you need. From custom bags to custom-made shoes, we give you the leverage to don your style with ease. We have a wide range of leather jackets that you can explore. We also have a range of custom denim jackets that you can replace with a varsity jacket to pull a casual, cool look for any day. We are all about enabling you to personalize your outerwear. We also design custom jerseys so you can support your favorite team or simply support your favorite athlete.

Personalized Varsity Jacket From The Jacket Maker

Having a custom baseball jacket will give you the freedom you need to mix and match different styles. Since a custom-made varsity jacket is functional, you can accessorize it according to your outfit needs. Remember, a custom-made varsity letterman jacket will let you reflect your one-of-a-kind style. At The Jacket Maker, our focus is on turning your vision into a reality when you opt for a custom baseball jacket. You can select a variety of styles, fabrics, and designs to choose from when you want to design your own varsity jacket or a custom letterman jacket from The Jacket Maker.

How to Customize a Varsity Jacket?

Customization begins with imagination; the more you let the ideas flow, the more options you get. From adding your name, a team’s logo, or any unique design you love can be added to make the varsity jacket truly yours. You can also choose embroidery or patches; whatever you choose, The Jacket Maker will get it done for you. Here is how to get a varsity jacket custom-designed by us:

Choosing the Base color:

The base color is the overall color of your jacket, also known as the silhouette. Once the base color is finalized, you can move ahead with the rest of the customization process based on your imagination.

Designing the Front and Back:

When customizing, the back and front become the canvas for you to showcase your wild imagination. You can use your favorite team logo, any emblem of your choice, and much more.

Customizing Appliques / Patches:

To showcase a meaningful personal design, you can always choose to have appliques, patches, or embroidery added to your varsity jacket. As long as the design gives you satisfaction, we are here for you.

Sleeve details and hardware:

Sleeve details and hardware play a pivotal role in giving the overall feel and look when it comes to customizing your varsity jacket. Instead of striped sleeves, you can add any specific details you want. From ordinary zipper to custom zipper or buttoned options are also available.

Material Selection and more:

The material and lining of your jacket are important for several reasons, starting from when and where you want to wear it. If you’re going to wear it casually in both indoor and outdoor settings, a lighter and breathable fabric for inside out should be the choice. If you intend to wear it in colder areas, quilted material, and heavy leather options can be perfect. The purpose of your jacket is directly proportional to the material selection. More on material options for your custom varsity jacket, read below.

Custom Varsity Jacket Fabric Options

Design your own varsity jacket and choose a fabric. We have a variety of fabric options available, including wool, leather, satin, and fleece. This will let you create a piece that will be truly yours, as the main purpose of a personalized varsity jacket is to showcase your individuality.

Wool Custom Varsity Jackets

Wool is an insulating fabric that provides the warmth you need for cold weather. It’s also durable, resistant, and wrinkle-friendly, making it a practical choice if you are thinking about getting a personalized varsity jacket.

Leather Custom Varsity Jackets

For a timeless addition to your wardrobe, opt for a leather-blend custom varsity jacket. The Jacket Maker uses the best type of leather from the finest tanneries. We make sure you get a personalized, custom-made varsity jacket to commemorate special events, showcase support for your favorite team, or simply showcase your fashion statement just to stand out in the crowd.

Satin Custom Varsity Jackets

Satin custom varsity jackets are quite special and have a timeless appeal. This fabric will give you a luxurious look and feel while still allowing you to showcase your style. If you want to design your own varsity jacket made with a satin blend, you know where to go.

Fleece Custom Varsity Jackets

Made from high-quality fleece material, you can stay warm on the colder days while still managing to look charming when you choose to make your own letterman jacket from us. Customize it, and stay comfortable so you can show your team spirit in style.

FAQs About Custom Varsity Jackets

How much is a custom varsity jacket?

The price of your custom varsity jacket for men’s or for anyone depends on factors such as the material, color, and customization you choose. Contact us to get a quote today.

How to make a custom varsity jacket?

Making a custom varsity jacket for men’s involves different steps, from choosing the base fabric or material to selecting a design with elements of your choice. Then, the manufacturer and the tailor will work together to make your idea a reality.

What is the difference between a letterman jacket and a varsity jacket?

A letterman jacket and a varsity jacket are both the same, with few differences in material and style. The Letterman jacket is a specific jacket from the umbrella term varsity jackets.

Are varsity jackets still cool?

Yes! Varsity jackets are popular, which makes them everlasting fashion staples that are here to remain cool for years to come.

Final Words About Custom Varsity Letterman Jackets

If you decide to get a varsity jacket custom-made by The Jacker Maker, the customization doesn’t stop there! We are here to let you express as much as you can and how you want it to be, not just for a varsity jacket but for a variety of custom jackets to choose from. We also have custom corporate gifts made from scratch for every client.

Whether it is a custom varsity jacket for men’s or women, we are here every step of the way. We are ready to turn any traditional style and add your personal touch to it with high-quality materials. You can opt for patches, embroidery, and much more. Make your own letterman jacket from The Jacket Maker and channel the inner vision you always dreamt of.