Full-Grain Vintage-inspired Real Leather Jackets

Some outerwear is part of daily fashion thus it is nearly impossible to leave without them. In this case, we keep the leather jackets on top of our list. Leather jackets are a true wardrobe staple ever since they made their way to the dress up trendy world.

When we talk about men’s leather jackets our focus draws on the vintage-inspired leather jacket as men truly are inspired by the dressing people used to do back in time. We can even see the vintage dressing style being incorporated into contemporary fashion and taking men’s style to a whole new level.

Realizing this need, The Jacket Maker decided to come up with a vintage and modern dressing fusion and released the vintage inspired leather jackets. These jackets are trendy but give a sense of the classic and vintage-inspired leather jackets from the past.

Is vintage-inspired leather good quality?

Whether it be vintage men’s distressed leather jackets or any other vintage jackets, they are surely part of the premium quality leather. vintage-inspired leather jackets are called good quality jackets as leather does not wear off as it ages. In fact, vintage-inspired leather starts to give off a burnished look and the patina beautifies with time.

How can you tell if a leather jacket is vintage?

vintage-inspired leather jackets are very distinctive. One can look at the style and tell if the jacket is modern or vintage. For example, a vintage-inspired leather motorcycle jacket can be seen to have a fairly different style some decades back, however, in the modern world, they are sleeker with different zipper and pocket options.

Do vintage-inspired leather jackets come in specific colors?

Vintage men’s black leather jackets and vintage brown leather jackets are classy, and dapper and that is the reason why you find most of vintage-inspired leather jackets in these two colors. However, you can find vintage inspired men’s green leather jackets, men’s blue leather jackets and men’s maroon leather jackets at The Jacket Maker.

Are black vintage-inspired leather jackets trendy?

A vintage black leather jacket is classic and so it never goes out of style. Black leather jackets have had their own charm ever since and till date nothing can beat this outerwear.

Which leather type is best for vintage-inspired leather jackets?

You can find vintage designed PU leather jackets but they are not actually vintage as faux leather tends to wear off in no time. So, we suggest you opt for vintage cowhide jackets or sheepskin jackets, these animal hides age and look great over time. If you want to opt for vintage men’s biker jackets then cowhide can be the best choice as it is thick, durable and does not get damaged easily but hinders your movement. It protects you from small accidents. On the other hand, vintage sheepskin jackets are soft and supple and give you an exquisite look. You can wear it for running daily errands as it will not hinder your movement and is comfortable.

How do vintage-inspired leather bomber jackets look?

A vintage-inspired leather bomber jacket was also known as the flight jacket which was designed for the military. The A2 bomber jacket has knitted wool hand cuffs and wrists with a shirt collar. The B3 bomber jacket has a lining of wool and a sheepskin shirt collar. In today’s world, men’s bomber jackets have cinched cuffs, waist and collar that protect your neck.

Can you get a vintage-inspired leather jacket customized?

If you know what you want, you can easily get vintage custom leather jackets. We at The Jacket Maker also provide custom vintage inspired jacket service in addition to our amazing selection of leather jackets with antique themes, like vintage racers and bombers. You can use this service to get a leather jacket that is tailored to your exact specifications. You have the option of making significant adjustments, such as the type of leather used in the jacket’s crafting, as well as minor adjustments, such as the type of zippers that will be utilized, artwork, finishes, or hardware. So, visit our page for bespoke vintage jackets right away to start designing your ideal jacket.

Our representatives are going to carefully note down your custom order, whether it be leather bomber jacket vintage or a classic brown vintage-inspired leather jacket, we can make adjustments in all. Our exquisite craftsmanship is what makes our leather jackets unique in their own way.