Shearling Jackets & Coats For Women

A shearling leather jacket is the next chapter in the life of any leather jacket enthusiast who has already tried bomber and biker leather jackets. A leather shearling jacket is a warm piece of silhouette stitched together in an elevated design to offer you optimum comfort and coziness during the harsh winter weather. Shearling leather jackets are high-priced but ensure sophisticated armor that not only functions as a shield from cold weather but also establishes you as an incredibly trendy and stylish woman.

Having fur and shearling to your outfit adds bling to your aura sometimes, making you come across as a diva. However, being called a diva, in today’s day and age, is never a bad thing. Should you want to invest in a women’s shearling coat, we offer you a wide collection of shearling jackets for women. Every shearling leather jacket in our collection is exquisitely designed and crafted using real leather and rich materials. Therefore, the durability and craftsmanship of the women’s shearling coat are reassured.

Now without further ado, let’s get you through our iconic collection of women’s shearling coats and jackets.

Women’s Shearling Coats & Jackets

When we look at women’s leather jackets, we see several designs further distinguished by their color, finish, and overall appearance. You have a bomber jacket that has a signature boxy silhouette. And then you have a biker leather jacket that stays true to its asymmetrical cut and padded structure. Stay in the milieu of leather outerwear, take a look at traditional leather trench coats and you’ll find long leather outerwear that covers your body up to the knee and has a single or double-breasted front. So what we’re essentially saying is that there are a bunch of different leather jackets and each is distinct based on its design. And so it goes without saying that a leather and shearling jacket is also unique.

So now what exactly is a shearling jacket? A shearling jacket is made from sheepskin that has been smoothened and tanned only once before its production. We have shearling jackets for women made from goatskin, sheepskin, lambskin, and even cowhide, and every shearling jacket is given a unique finish to give it a distinctive look and character.

For instance, we have a shearling leather jacket with a snuffed finish and another leather shearling jacket with a suede finish. The inner shell of our women’s shearling coat and jacket collection is fully lined with faux fur. This makes the shearling jacket warm and cozy. Not to forget that our leather shearling jacket collection is easily the most comfortable and ensures it will become your favorite this coming winter.

So what makes a leather and shearling jacket so unique from other types of leather jackets is its inner shell and the material it’s woven with. It makes the women’s shearling jacket the ultimate armor for winter as it keeps you warm and comfortable even when the weather goes below minus degrees. Therefore, when we speak of women’s winter coats, we think of a leather and shearling jacket.

Why Should You Buy A Shearling Leather Jacket?

Here comes the most frequently asked question regarding leather apparel: Should I buy a women’s shearling jacket? And the answer is yes. There is much variety even within the spectrum of women’s shearling coats that you wouldn’t feel limited by the material. You can get beautifully crafted women’s sheepskin coats with shearling and faux fur lining. A shearling coat for women is expensive so you might want to buy the one that’s made from real leather. This will make sure that you buy a leather shearling jacket that is long-lasting and durable. Buy a women’s leather bomber jacket or any other design of leather jacket with shearling and fur lining.

Here are some of our popular women’s shearling coats and jackets:

Sherilyn B-3 Black & White Leather Shearling Bomber Jacket

This leather shearling jacket is made from real sheepskin leather and has a faux fur lining. This leather and shearling jacket has a zipper closure with buckled collar and roll-back sleeves. With waist adjustment straps and two external pockets, this women’s shearling jacket comes in black and white color and has a beautiful snuffed finish.

Stella G-1 Black Shearling Leather Bomber Jacket

This is a black leather and shearling jacket that is constructed with real sheepskin leather and has a porous semi-aniline finish. It has a quilted polyester lining that adds breathability without losing warmth and comfort. It has a shirt-style collar with a removable shearling collar and a zipper closure.

Fiona Brown Hooded Shearling Leather Jacket

A beautiful brown women’s shearling coat that is made from sheepskin leather and is fully lined with fur. There’s a high-neck collar with a belt and an open hem, cuff style. There is a removable shearling hood, waist adjustment straps, and a zippered closure. With the addition of a classy snuffed finish, this leather shearling jacket becomes a top choice to rock this winter.

Amie Brown Double Breasted Shearling Coat

This is a shearling coat for women that is made from real sheepskin leather. It has a soft burnish finish that makes the brown a little glossy. It has a notch collar design with an open hem cuff style and leather buttoned closure.

Erica Shearling Beige Shearling Leather Coat

This is a women’s shearling coat that has a unique beige color. It is made from goatskin and has a suede finish that brings subtlety to the leather coat. Having a lining made entirely from faux fur, this leather jacket has a buttoned closure with an open hem cuff style. We highly recommend you buy this shearling coat for women – the distressed beige is stunning.

Types Of Women’s Shearling Jacket

Here are some of the most popular women’s shearling coats in our collection. You can pick your favorite leather shearling jacket to wear this coming winter season.

Women’s Aviator Shearling Jacket

We have a wide collection of leather aviator jackets with shearling. Whether you like the G1 design or the B3 bomber jacket, much variety is available in our aviator jacket collection. You can find a shearling jacket for women from this collection – having several different colors, finishing styles, and even designs.

G1 Bomber Shearling Jackets

The G1 bomber jackets are constructed using sheepskin, goatskin, and different types of leather. They are also available in different colors, finishes, and textures. The shearling adds another layer of warmth to the design. It is one of the most popular women’s shearling jackets in our collection.

Women’s Hooded Leather Shearling Jackets

Wondering if a shearling jacket for women can also be hooded. Well, yes they can be – and we also ensure detachability. Buy women’s hooded leather jackets with shearling and faux fur. The options are unlimited in terms of designs. You have a shirt-style collar as well as one with buckles and belts. You can also get custom bomber jackets with hoods. Thus, find a classy shearling jacket for women with a hooded style to keep yourself warm but uber cool this winter.

B3 Bomber Shearling Jackets

Buy B3 bomber jackets for men and women with shearling. Our collection of women’s shearling jackets in the B3 bomber designs is varied – you get different leather types, unique construction and designs, and also colors and finishing styles. The B3 bomber jackets have a puffy look that makes them distinct from other types of bomber or aviator jackets, like the A2 leather jackets. Thus, find your pick and make a new entry to your winter wardrobe.

Custom Leather and Shearling Jackets

Our women’s shearling jacket collection isn’t a footprint of any sort. What we’re trying to say is that we also offer a custom option for individuals who like our designs but want further personalization. You can get custom leather jackets in shearling or any other ideations. Whether you want the MA1 bomber jacket with your name engraved at the back or you want a different type of leather but a similar design, it is all up to you. Shearling coats for women in our collection follow a minimalist theme but you’ll find a bright tone that charms you and exudes a confidence that we all sometimes fake to possess.

FAQs - Women’s Shearling Jackets

Is A Shearling Coat Worth It?

A shearling coat for women is always a worthy investment. So yes, you should buy a shearling coat.

Is Shearling Material Real Leather?

The shearling coats for women that are offered by us are made from real leather.

Why Are Shearling Jackets So Expensive?

Shearling is expensive because of the way it is extracted and processed. Due to this reason, shearling jackets and coats tend to be expensive.

Is Shearling A Fur or Leather?

Shearling is fur and is obtained from sheep and lamb. You can make women’s suede jackets or bomber jackets with shearling lining and fur.

Can You Wear Shearling in Winter?

Yes, if you are looking at our women’s leather bomber jackets and thinking about which one to buy this winter, it’s the one with shearling.

Conclusion - Shearling Jacket and Coats for Women

In this guide, we took you through shearling coats and jackets. Our collection of women’s shearling jackets is eclectic, versatile, and supremely stylish. Much like our collection of men’s shearling leather coats, our shearling jackets for women are also incredibly warm, authentic, and sophisticated.