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Leather jackets have a way of making a statement through a variety of looks. You can get a sleek, classic look or a hip and modern one. All possible and more, with the use of a particular style that we'll be happy to assist you with. A style, cut, fit and colour that will personalize your design to fit your individuality. From bomber jackets, biker jackets or moto jackets to cafe racers, vintage jackets or a unique style having a combination of different elements influenced by different leather jackets. Now isn't this a custom leather jacket dream come true.


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Leather Types & Colors

Playing an important role in the look and feel of any custom leather jacket is the style and finish. Starting from scratch, searching for the right style is crucial. Based on your custom design, we’d advise you to go for a finish that would complement your look. This is where we provide you with the latest info and advice on which would work best.

Printed Leather Jackets

Printed Leather Jackets can be seen on people of various ages. Whether you have a theme in mind, or a reference serving as inspiration. We're happy to help you find a print that will serve your style in the most favourable way possible. Don’t miss out! Customized Printed Leather Jackets.

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Embroidered Leather Jackets

Embroidered Leather Jackets have transformed leather outerwear in a modern way. From motifs, monograms and digits to graphics and panels, adding some 'wow' factor without you even trying. With many options to choose from, highlighting your individuality is the main purpose of having your own Custom Embroidered Leather Jacket.

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About Custom Leather Jackets

Design your own leather jacket in a way that highlights your individuality. Aside the many options available, plus size leather jackets, printed leather jackets and embroidered leather jackets are included to ensure you have all the tools to achieve your custom leather jacket. From an extensive colour palette, design elements to detailing that add finesse to your personalized leather jacket. Whether we’re talking women’s leather jackets or men’s leather jackets, we assure you, exclusivity is really sweet and we believe anyone can have a taste of this made to order leather jackets experience.

With regards to custom leather jackets, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Starting from fabric types and designs to details, colours and any style element you may be interested in. The Jacket Maker offers you many other alternatives, should a custom leather jacket not be your ideal choice. Custom trench coats, denim jackets, custom varsity jackets, motorcycle jackets, custom bomber jackets and an unbelievably broad range of other options that you can choose from.

Just as custom leather jackets have an unlimited capacity for design or detail, while having the ability to fit your personality and living, the same can be accomplished with any custom outerwear so why stop at just custom leather jackets. That’s why we encourage you to only make a request and let us handle the rest.