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About Leather Duffle Bags

The safety of your belongings can be the biggest worry when traveling. That is unless you invest in our hand-crafted luxury leather duffle bag. Our large leather duffle bags have enough space to store your clothes, travel essentials, and even devices like hair dryers. Combine this capacity with a comfortable shoulder strap and easy-to-grip handles and you have a bag that’s ideal for both quick trips and long vacations.

Leather Duffle Bag Quality That’s Worth Your Trust

These leather bags are responsible for keeping all of your belongings safe while going through the torture chambers known as airport baggage handling systems. One mishap and your entire vacation can be ruined. Luckily, that is not an issue with our real leather duffle bags thanks to their exceptional durability. The main secret behind this sturdiness is our use of top-of-the-line premium materials. The key component of our leather duffle bags is the finest naturally milled cow-hide leather. This full grain leather is strong enough to withstand years of use and abuse without any issues. Plus, the unique lines and grain on this leather produce an exquisite patina over time. The interior of our bags is crafted from premium cotton twill material as it can stay strong as long as the leather on the outside. Not to mention the chrome-finished accessories that are completely rust-proof. Another factor behind the long life span of our full grain leather duffle bags is the craftsmanship that goes into crafting them. Our talented craftsmen make each leather duffle bag by hand and pay close attention to even the finest details. The result of these high quality standards are the best leather duffle bags with flawless stitching and fine corners & edges.

High Value Real Leather Duffle Bags

At TruCarry, we operate on a fair-price policy. In other words, both our men’s and women’s leather duffle bags don’t have crazy markup or hidden charges attached to them. You get more than what you pay for — making them a great value for your hard-earned money.

Customize Your Own Leather Duffle Bag

The default design for our men’s leather duffle bag is a mix of vintage leather duffle bags and some modern elements. This design is available in two color options and both are great in their own way. The black leather duffle bag works well in almost any situation and doesn’t draw any unnecessary attention towards it. The brown leather duffle bag, on the other hand, exudes a very confident and luxurious vibe that only gets stronger as the patina develops. But these two colors are only the default options. They are not your only choice. We wholeheartedly believe in creativity and self-expression and our custom duffle bags service is proof of that. With this, you can alter almost any aspect of your duffle bag. Is the standard 20 inch leather duffle bag not big enough for you? Place a custom order for the size you need. It’s that simple.

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