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Brown Bomber Jacket for Men - 100% Real Leather

Men’s brown bomber Jackets are aesthetically timeless and a staple that is not just versatile but also trendy and reminiscent of good times. This garment is an essential part of any men’s capsule wardrobe despite undergoing many evolutions in terms of color, style and material.

At The Jacket Maker, you’ll find brown bombers made from mainly two leather types: Sheepskin and Goatskin. Both leather types are lightweight making them perfect for springtime. Furthermore, both types are moderately stretchable, soft to skin and strong in withstanding abrasions. We also ensure the usage of real leather; better than “genuine leather”.

Most of our bomber jackets are grunge and fashion forward. The distressed and dandy style bombers are available in bespoke designs as well as ready to wear. With Bespoke services, the chances of poorly fitting silhouettes reduce significantly. You can further add artwork and embroidery to make these jackets more personalized and unique.

Our craftsmen are brilliant when it comes to leather finishing. The cosmopolitan designs produced by them are available in various forms of finishing, like semi-aniline, burnishing, suede, snuffed and rub-ff. These jackets are also given quilted polyester lining. As far as the collar style is concerned, you can find many options. For instance, brown bomber jackets have a band with a snap button collar, high-neck buttoned collar, rib-knit collar, shirt with removable fur collar and a basic high-neck collar.

Suede leather made brown bomber jackets are quite modern and experimental. The only drawback with suede bomber jackets is that they don’t help much during rainy seasons. However, if you’re aiming to create a classic look, brown suede bomber jackets in men’s wardrobes are the way to go! This fabric is timeless and has a story to share.

And how can we forget brown leather bomber jackets in men’s weekend wardrobe? If you wish to level up your styling game, brown leather bomber jackets are a must. It’s proven its worth through merit and is one of the ultimate options to choose in times of confusion. Don’t know what to wear? Put on a men’s brown bomber jacket and feel at the top of the world in your own right.

Style and Fitting of Brown Bomber Jackets for Men

Get yourself the right fit when you’re ordering yourself a brown bomber. It should ideally fit your shoulders and arms without making you feel suffocated and unable to breathe. Pay special attention to the shoulder seams as you want them to end right where your shoulder ends; even marginal differences can ruin the entire look.

How to Style a Brown Bomber Jacket For Men’s Uniqueness?

Besides, brown in itself is such a rich and complex color; it is bold, vibrant, deep, and sombre. There are so many shades to choose from! Put on a brown bomber jacket for men should you wish to attend casual engagements or business meetings. They are simplistic yet creative and stylish.

You can create a dressy look out of a brown bomber jacket in a men’s closet by pairing it with a crisp white collared shirt and greys pants. You can also add a tie to bring the entire look together. Not to mention, you can throw on a brown bomber jacket over a hoodie to add warmth during colder seasons.

What Do You Wear Under a Brown Leather Jacket?

Any style consultant would tell you that one must wear neutrals underneath a brown leather jacket. Now depending on the occasion and style, you can choose to wear a basic t-shirt, collared full-sleeve shirt, vest, hoodie, etc. You can do this with any color or type of bomber jackets for men; black bomber jacket, suede bomber jacket, green bomber or blue bomber jacket for men.

What Color Shirt Goes With A Brown Jacket?

There are various shades and tints of brown that are popular amongst men. The color itself is regal and profound making it perfect for creating rugged or preppy style; whatever suits you. If you’re ever tired of wearing black, grey or white underneath a brown bomber jacket, and you want to keep things sophisticated and top tier, brown complementary shades should be at the top of your list.