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Leather gifts have a reputation for being overindulgent and exorbitant primarily because of how expensive they are. Whenever you plan on buying leather goods, you save money in advance. For the working class, buying leather goods is usually a desire or a once-in-a-lifetime treat. With the strong ascend in inflation and the global economy going through a rut, buying leather goods has become even more challenging.

But here’s the thing – We all want leather. It’s fancy, luxurious, and splendid. The quality of real leather goods is impeccable; from their soft and velvety texture to their sophisticated sheen and finish, everyone likes and wants a piece of it. Now the question is – how and from where? And the simple answer is The Jacket Maker.

The Jacket Maker is your one-stop shop for all leather-related products. Our exquisite craftsmanship is renowned globally as our products are high-quality and give meticulous attention to detail. From choosing real full-grain leather for all our leather products to keeping every cut and stitch elegant and distinct – we craft both men’s leather goods and women’s leather goods to perfection. As a world-class leather goods manufacturer, we take pride in keeping feasible prices that are as good as leather goods wholesale prices. And the quality of all our handcrafted leather goods is never compromised.

In this guide, we’re going to walk you through all the men’s leather goods and women’s leather goods offered by The Jacket Maker, and why they are of superlative quality.

Time To Treat Yourself – Leather Goods For Men

Buying leather goods for men is a way of expressing your love for them – leather is timeless and their sophistication appeals to men. When you’re buying leather goods for men, you must ensure it is full-grain leather; the finest grade of leather that is durable and elite in every aspect. Most corporate gifts are constructed with full-grain leather and stand the test of time regardless of the wear and tear. Some of the small leather goods that are offered as corporate gifts are leather jackets. Usually, these jackets are company merchandise with their logo on them.

Other luxury leather goods include leather coasters, leather travel mug covers, and sleeves. For corporate gifting, leather office accessories are ordered – like mouse pads, flask covers, pen covers, leather notebook covers, leather sleeves, and sometimes even custom leather bags. Leather accessories are never limited to office supplies; from leather travel accessories to leather accessories for women, the list of leather accessories for gifting purposes is endless.

If you put corporate gifting aside, you’ll find several options for handmade leather goods. Some examples of handmade leather goods include leather bracelets, leather cufflinks, and notebook covers. These gifts for men can be customized as you please – in fact, custom leather goods are super popular and highly appreciated by the receivers.

And who says you only have to buy small leather goods as gifts for others? You can treat yourself with small leather goods when you’re having a hard day, if you’ve achieved some goal, or just because you feel like it. Buying yourself luxury leather goods is a way to express self-love. Many people believe treating yourself is a feminine thing to do – but we highly disagree. A lot of men get custom leather goods for themselves to upgrade their lifestyle and just because they feel like it. So go ahead and purchase custom leather jackets, custom leather vests, and even the most pricey custom leather shoes!

Why You Should Buy Handmade Leather Goods

Handcrafted leather goods hold incremental value in terms of appreciation. Should you want to express your gratitude to someone, opt for handcrafted leather goods as an ideal gifting option because not only are they timeless and durable, they are time-consuming and give meticulous attention to detail to make them even more special.

These handcrafted leather goods could simply be men’s leather accessories or leather accessories for women – the quality would be exquisitely stunning. Therefore, don’t be shy to buy custom tote bags for your hipster brother or custom backpacks for your sister who loves to travel. Custom-made shoes are ideal gifts for your dad.

Top-Notch Leather Accessories For Men

Custom leather keychains, custom leather wallets, and custom leather belts are common men’s leather accessories used for gifting your partner. If your anniversary is nearby and you’re still searching for an ideal gift, maybe opt for men’s leather accessories for their timeless appeal. You will find that men love to travel and by giving them leather travel accessories you make their life easy and more enjoyable.

So, the next time you want to give a boy something wonderful while he’s fueled with wanderlust, give him a custom leather passport holder or custom luggage tags. Not only are these leather travel accessories cool but they are also great for keeping your stuff organized and functional.

Women’s Leather Goods – Perfect Gifts for Her

Stepping aside from leather accessories for men and diving right into the most important gifting category, we have leather accessories for women. Should you want to indulge a little and give your woman the queen treatment, buy her custom handbags made of full-grain leather. The quality of our leather bags is undeniably superlative. Their finish, texture, design, and color are all top-notch.

Other options include women’s leather jackets and leather shoes. These gifts can be customized and more meaningful with slight alterations through personalization. For instance, you can get her initials embroidered on the jacket’s sleeves. Regardless, personalized leather goods are a way to a woman’s heart.

FAQs about Custom Leather Goods

What Are Leather Goods?

Anything that is made of leather can be considered a leather good. For example, leather jackets, leather dress shoes, leather bags, leather coasters, leather gloves, leather bracelets, etc.

What Are Small Leather Goods?

Small leather goods include gloves, wallets, pouch bags, bracelets, coasters, etc.