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Our Story

What We Are

We are a group of young, exciting individuals looking to disrupt leather jackets industry. We are going ahead on a mission to introduce a new way people buy leather jackets, the way which empowers customers, and give them control over what they choose to wear. We are the first to make custom leather jackets on people’s demand. We call this platform “Demand Your Dream Jacket”

The idea is simple: "Make it easy for people to buy leather jackets of THEIR CHOICE"

What We Were

Two years back we started as an online retail store for leather jackets, with a small division for custom orders. Our retail store majorly targeted comic and movie fans with top quality leather jackets and we also introduced our own collection of fashion jackets. Since day one, we didn’t believe in the middlemen theory, and didn’t like the way the leather jackets industry functioned, with a plethora of middlemen in between the manufacturer and customer. We initiated by being the manufacturer and the retailer of our products, a humble customer-centric brand, making top notch jackets.

How We Got There

Despite doing amazingly well, pulling some amazing jackets and costumes that were super successful in design and quality, we felt we weren’t doing enough, and we thought we could come up with a more customer-centric approach. Questions like could there be a leather jacket brand which is for everyone? Can anyone ever come up with a collection that caters to all? Kept bothering us. The only answer we could find was "If we enable people to buy leather jackets of their choice, if we give them what they want, this could be it"

It was this achievement of discovering a need to empower people in their right to choose what leather jackets or apparel they would like, which ignited a spark that led to the transformation of The Jacket Maker into a full-fledged custom order enterprise. The small division for custom order that we had, taught us many things. The most amazing discovery from customer’s perspective was "There is something amazing about wearing a jacket that is specially made for you"

Everybody has heard about custom made dress shirts or suiting, but we are the first to do Custom Made Leather Jackets on demand. Today we pursue to stay true to our credo, determined to be a one-stop-destination for leather jackets, irrespective of geographies, yes! Shipping worldwide. Regardless of gender or sizing, catering to both genders and to kids. Indifferent to preferences, which color, style, and material anyone likes.

The website is managed and owned by Evolution Fashion FZC.

Unlimited Leather Range

It all starts with leather, over the years we have become experts in leather, getting it made from one of the finest tanneries of the world. Our core proposition is best quality leather that ranges from Lambskin, Sheepskin and Goatskin to Buffalo-hide and Cow-hide. We have the experience of making jackets in over 200 different leather articles differentiated by type, pattern, color, shade & thickness.

Top Quality Stitching

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a stitch is worth every penny you pay for quality, style and craftsmanship. We ensure every customer gets the best product right down to the final stitch. It is therefore ‘the stitch’ that helps make a quality product durable and definitive.

Bespoke Leather jackets

We are the first to introduce the concept of bespoke leather jackets. Made-To-Measure is an understatement to what we do, because not only do our customers have total control over the material & accessories they choose, but we create a new unique pattern to make every custom order we receive.

Customization Features

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For oomph and style; an element is added that highlights the design and the individual through embroidery that is split into two. Through hand embroidery and machine embroidery.

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Keeping in mind the trends, customer needs and development, we make sure customers look their best by assisting them in the choice, type, style and execution of prints.

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Logo Padding

Another factor that plays an important part as well as determines our mode of professionalism is the logo padding feature that draws attention to detail.

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3D Printing

Moving in sync with today’s trends and 3D, we offer the choice of 3D Printed emblems, logos and badges.

How it works

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Custom order request

Begin your journey with a request through our web form. We can start your consultation with as little details as you have.

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Free design consultancy

Get a dedicated design consultant to work on your project details, pricing, delivery date and digital illustration. Consultancy is totally free of cost and you can opt out at any stage.

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Order placement

Place your order using the listing link provided by your design consultant. Listing link mentions agreed details of custom project along with digital illustration.

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Production & delivery

See your design come to life through our 6-step production process, followed by photoshoot sharing. Up on your approval, order is dispatched.