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Custom Embroiedered Denim Jackets

Custom embroidered denim jackets put 'one of a kind' in a league of its own. You can add logos, art, symbols, initials and a host of other options to your custom denim jacket using cool and creative embroidery.

Custom Embroidered Leather Jacket

Add some personality to your custom leather jacket with embroidery that is original to you.

Custom Embroidered Coat

Custom embroidered coats are simply the best way to show-off your creativity.

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Our Bespoke Process

Our Bespoke Process is truly bespoke to the roots. We may best be described as digital bespoke, following the traditions of bespoke and fusing it with digital technology.

About Custom Embroidered Jackets

Although there are different types of custom jackets, embroidered jackets are by far the most popular style. You can find custom embroidered jackets in every material and most types of jackets; from laid back bomber and denim to edgy embroidered leather jackets. You can also create a custom embroidered jacket of your choice with emblems and motifs that truly speak to you.

Embroidered jackets are a great way to personalize your outfit along with custom bags and custom made shoes since not only do they allow you to create an outerwear of your choice but also make it more creative through the intricate design. Custom embroidered jackets are a big hit these days, and the variety in which they are found might be just one of the reasons why.

Of course company embroidered jackets still exist, but that doesn’t mean they are reserved for labor or professional use only and your instagram feed will provide you the evidence you are looking for. To clear your doubts, let’s take a closer look at the different types of embroidered jackets you will find which might help you find the one you are looking for yourself.

Custom Embroidered Leather Jackets

If you are looking for an outerwear that makes a statement then custom embroidered leather jackets are it. Due to the shine of the leather, the emblem you get sketched on your custom leather jackets or custom leather vests can be understated. Therefore, it’s best to opt for simple but bold designs in bright colors. It’s best to stick to one or two main colors so that your design is clearly displayed on your outerwear, to create the perfect custom motorcycle jackets in this way.

Owing to the versatile nature of leather jackets, embroidered leather jackets can also be worn in several different ways, and be adjusted in casual to semi formal attire. However, due to the bold style of the embroidered leather jackets, it’s best to pair the outerwear with basics, where there is always room for experiment.

Custom Embroidered Denim Jackets

Getting a custom embroidered denim jacket is one of the best ways to freshen up your ordinary denim jacket to a trendy and fun outerwear. Denim is also very suitable for embroidery due to the stiff material that allows the fabric to hold the design in a sturdy manner.

The embroidered design shows clearly on custom denim jackets, due to their structure that holds the weave in place. Plus the casual and laid back style of embroidered denim jackets makes them perfect embroidered jackets for men and women, their simplicity allowing them to be decorated in fun ways, where you can find the custom embroidered jackets in front and back.

Custom Embroidered Bomber Jacket

There is a reason why custom embroidered jackets are so popular. It’s not only because they form a great everyday outerwear but also because their classic style and balanced silhouette makes them the first choice for most people looking for embroidered jackets.

You can get a small badge embroidered jacket on the front and back with something bigger, or keep the front simple and back decorated with a symbol that means something to you. Custom embroidered jackets can feature decorated sleeves, shoulders and front, so there is nothing right and wrong when it comes to getting custom bomber jackets.

Personalized embroidered Jackets

As emphasized before, embroidered jackets are all about personality. You can opt for a embroidered jacket in general but getting a personalized embroidered jacket adds in all the fun, since you can customize its design, style as well as pattern.

Personalized embroidered jackets also include custom varsity jackets, custom satin jackets as well as jackets with names embroidered on the back. Add a quote or slogan that really inspires you, and get patterns drawn on the sleeves, collar, shoulders, or virtually anywhere you want with custom embroidered jackets back and front. A personalized embroidered jacket is a custom embroidered jacket made especially for you, so don’t forget to have a little fun!

Embroidered jackets for men and women

You can’t really reserve embroidered jackets for one gender. Embroidered jackets are for both men and women where you can find them suitable for both sexes since they feature appropriate cuts and design for men’s jackets and women’s jackets. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t blur the lines between the two since plenty of unisexual embroidered coats and jackets are available, where the ultimate decision of your outerwear depends on you.

Wholesale Jackets For Embroidery

What makes embroidered jackets even more special is that they are available as wholesale jackets for embroidery, where you have a huge variety to choose from, including embroidered leather jackets, custom trench coats, custom parka jackets, custom windbreaker jackets and a whole lot of other options of incredible outerwear. If you are someone who can’t make up your mind on what type of embroidered jacket you are looking for, then why not give wholesale jackets for embroidery a try? You will be introduced to infinite options, and you might end up picking up more than one.

Company Embroidered Jackets

Company embroidered jackets are jackets that often feature an emblem or logo of a corporation or institute, much like highschool varsity jackets, and provide a great opportunity for the promotion of the company. Embroidered company jackets may feature a logo on the front, along with a tagline on the shoulder, sleeve or back of the outerwear, where it’s visible in the best way, depending on the design of the jacket. Whether it’s to a new hire or for excellent marketing effort, these kinds of jackets usually form the best corporate gifts to the employees or customers of the company, as a gesture of goodwill and appreciation.

FAQs About Embroidered Jackets

Can a Leather Jacket be embroidered?

Embroidered leather jackets are very much in style, which means they can definitely be embroidered. However, specialized equipment is required due to the hardy nature of the fabric to weave through the pattern and get the desired design.

How do you get your logo on a jacket?

Customized embroidered jackets are available on many platforms. All you need to do is select the fabric, give the details of your design, and finally send the logo and tell them on what part of the jacket you want to place it to get a custom embroidered jacket with a logo.

Where to place patches on a jacket?

Patches can be placed on different parts of your jacket but it’s mostly back and front, depending on the size and the design of the patch you want.

Where to embroider a jacket?

Embroidery on a jacket is mostly done on the places of the jacket where it will be most visible. These places include the front left or right chest, or the shoulders as well as the back, but like patches, the location of the pattern depends on the kind of pattern you are opting for.


Custom embroidered jackets are the most personalized form of outerwear you can wear during colder weather. They can instantly liven up the outfit you are wearing, adding a dash of color and creativity to your appearance. Since you are best acquainted with the type of wardrobe you own, you can design an embroidered jacket that will work well with most of your outfits, making it a versatile jacket for everyday use.

Embroidered jackets may as well form intricate parts of your personality, so it’s best to take out the time to design your custom embroidered jackets, where the design needs to be thought out carefully. From the material to style, customize your embroidered jacket in such a way that expresses your inner personality while remaining functional for everyday use. But don’t forget to have a bit of fun along the way because that’s what custom embroidered jackets are all about!