Men's Hooded Bomber Jackets

Hooded Bomber jackets comes from the family of flight jackets that were to be used by the pilots in the early years when fighter jets didn’t had a wind shield to protect them. These jackets came to being as a protective element from the chilly winds at higher altitudes. aviator jackets have the ability to secure and isolate the pilots and keep them warm enough in the sky.

Styling Tips for Men’s Hooded Bomber Jacket

The hooded bomber jackets as the name suggest features a hood, which can be attached or detachable along with a baded collar and rib knot cuffs. The men’s bomber hoodie jackets also features a waist band that is most useful in keeping the wearer isolated and warm. leather bomber jackets are a style staple that is in awe for quite sometime and attracts youth style with its stylish and fashionable elements that helps you hype up your cool game.

Bomber Leather Hooded Jackets Material

The mens hooded bomber jacket are made out of various material, but they are mostly made out of full grain real leather, that can be of cowhide, goatskin or sheepskin leather. The hooded bomber jackets features mostly a fabric hood that is usually detachable. Sometimes, the hood can be of suede or the leather material used is the same as the jacket. The convenience that detachable hooded leather jackets provide is that it makes the jacket exude two looks, with and without the hood.

Different Colors of Hooded Bomber Leather Jacket?

The men’s hooded bomber jacket can be of various colors in the spectrum depending upon the user’s choice. The most basic and simple comes in black and brown, but when it comes to bomber jackets, they provide a cool contemporary look that can be easily highlighted in brighter colors like red, blue, burgundy and green. The suede bomber jackets have the ability to provide utmost fashion statement when worn with the right outfit.

Styling tips for mens hooded bomber jacket?

There are more than many ways in which you can easily style a bomber jacket with hoodie, the ma1 bomber jacket portrays a casual yet sassy look, which makes it easier to be styled with more of a casual outfit, you can pair the jacket with a basic t-shirt, ripped denim jeans and your everyday jeans and let the black hooded bomber jacket highlight the overall ensemple. If you look for a more smart casual look, you can easily pair the jacket with a polo, khaki pants and brown leather boots and you are all set to rock a brown bomber with hoodie.

Customize your Hooded Bomber Leather Jacket

Having a leather jacket that does not fit does not do justice with it, which makes you want to tailor your leather jacket. The Jacket Maker’s bespoke services allow you to have your jacket made to measure, alongside the custom leather jacket allows you to design your own jacket along with funky artworks, aesthetic hardware and even make a hybrid of two different jackets. If you want a hooded bomber jacket but with a detachable hood, The Jacket Maker has got you covered.