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Jonathan Lopez

The XL blue jacket was perfect for me. I love it. If you’re concerned about the sizing, fill in the chart for type body measurements or email them your body specs, and they will tell you what works. I love my jacket. Thank you!

Lindsay Mercovich

Impressed with the speed of delivery, length of the jacket and overall quality. I am quite tall (6'6") so i needed a longer jacket. This fits me very well. Jacket is lightweight, comfortable and warm

Christopher Ament

I bought this recently and have found it to be elegant, comfortable, of excellent quality and excellent fit. I am very happy with it and would recommend it and the jacket maker without hesitation.

steve bell

took a long friggin time for them to make it, but quality takes time, and you couldn't ask for a better quality long coat. their production team was helpful and precise. they double-checked everything and cleared up any questions they had about sizing etc. by emailing me directly. i was prepared to pay thousands for the best friggin quality long coat i could find that was custom tailored to my wider shoulders, but they got it perfectly, and i only paid 450

Ronald Williams

The jacket fits great and looks amazing. Beautifully made and was exactly how i described and better than I expected. I just wish it was finished much sooner so that id be able to wear it in the timeframe of my video shoot, but the important thing is that i did receive it

Marian Peteanu

I am very satisfied with the quality and speed of deliveries. I also ordered clothes from this company last year and I have found an improvement in the quality of manufacturing and tailoring. I recommend you order from this company. Marian, Toronto

Ronald Williams

Beautifully made I was very impressed

Ian Meaker

Very happy with my custom made jacket, excellent quality


Great product for great price it was something beyond my expectations proper fit and genuine leather makes this product excellent buy

Sonata Nouhy

Great Quality and fast service

Stephen Bouldin

My jacket arrived quickly for an over seas order and is exactly as advertised. Pleased with this order and all the other jackets I've ordered from "The Jacket Maker".