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Custom Loafers For Men

The Jacket Maker offers custom loafers for men. Offering you a facility to get any kind of loafers made in any color, style, material, finish and detail of your choice.

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Helpful Details

We can start your consultation with as little detail as you have. However, if you have any of the following things in mind already, they're helpful for us to know as we create your design.


Have a unique design of your own, or know the tastes of the person you're designing for? Let us know.


Already know the types of Leather or fabrics you'd like to use in your design? That can help us provide a quote more quickly.


If you have a budget in mind, we can help you weigh different options and their costs.

Best Fitted Custom Loafers

Each foot is unique and everyone has different requirements. The best fit custom loafers determine your comfort and define your personality – that’s why you shouldn’t settle for an ordinary pair of loafers.

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Our Bespoke Process

Our Bespoke Process is truly bespoke to the roots. We may best be described as digital bespoke, following the traditions of bespoke and fusing it with digital technology.

About ​Custom Loafers

If you can have only one pair of shoes in your wardrobe, loafers would be a great choice. They are the versatility kings of footwear fashion and they excel at both. You can rock the same pair of loafers with a tuxedo or fancy dress and a jeans & t-shirt outfit. But you can take this versatility to even greater heights by designing your own custom loafers. By taking the custom made shoes route, you get to choose the exact design of your loafers and their color/s. It even includes smaller details like whether to add a tassel, saddle, or neither. Custom made loafers can also be designed to fit better with either formal or casual outfits, depending on your preference.

Reasons To Choose Custom Loafers

Here are a few key reasons why custom loafers, and men’s custom shoes in general, are the way to go.

Design Customization For Custom Loafers

Going with custom loafers gives you complete control over their design, down to the smallest details. You can get started with existing loafer designs and alter them to fit your needs. For example, you can choose the exact shape and size of the saddle on a pair of custom made penny loafers.

Personalized Custom Leather Loafers

We can configure personalized men’s leather loafers to fit any size and foot shape. In other words, our custom loafers will fit your feet like gloves. It doesn’t matter if your feet are slightly wider than average, or if their length is somewhere between two commercial shoe sizes. This excellent fit will make the custom leather loafers more comfortable, even if you wear them for hours every day.

Color Options For Custom Loafers

You can customize your loafers with the color and shade you want. Looking for a specific shade of brown that works well with many of your existing outfits? Just let us know. Having trouble finding a specific type of loafers with a multi-colored design? All you have to do is name those colors and our designers will turn that combination into a reality. (This option is even more useful for casual leather shoes like custom moccasins.)

Custom Loafers Service

Here are the benefits you can expect by ordering custom leather shoes from us.

Bespoke Loafers Easy Service

You might think that designing and ordering a pair of fully custom loafers will take a long time. But, it’s much faster than trying to find the exact loafers design and color from traditional shoe outlets. All you have to do is contact us through our website and our talented designers will take it from there. They will guide you through the design process and even offer a digital mockup of the final design. Once the design is finalized, our resident craftsmen will start making your custom loafers right away. Finally, you’ll receive your men’s custom loafer shoes as quickly as possible, thanks to our direct-to-consumer business model.

Handmade Custom Loafers

Our custom loafers for women and men come with a guarantee of quality. Every material used in their construction is top-tier with full-grain leather, Buffalo Compressed sole, and a leather heel stack being the standouts. Also, the craftsmanship on our bespoke loafers matches the material quality, as evident by our use of premium Goodyear Welt stitching. Additionally, whether they’re custom oxford shoes](/custom-oxford-shoes) or custom boots, each shoe is crafted by hand to keep the quality consistent.

Custom Loafers Quality For Men & Women

We offer a variety of leather shoes from stylish custom loafers to fancy custom dress shoes, and the quality of our shoes and service ensure that you get your money’s worth. But, if you’re still unsure about going the custom route, just get in contact. We’ll answer any of your questions and even offer design consultation for free.