Custom Made Shoes

Finest Fitted Custom Leather Shoes For All

Custom Made Shoes

Shoes are just as big a part of your look as your choice of pants, shirt, or outerwear. Sure, you can wear the same pair of leather sneakers with most outfits and they’ll work well enough. But if you want to look your best in any situation, custom made shoes for women and men are the way to go.

Custom Shoes We Offer

We offer a wide range of custom made shoes for men and women. These are the main types for you to choose from.

Oxford Shoes

Everyone needs a pair of custom dress shoes in their closet as they are the footwear of choice for almost every formal/semi-formal event. What better way to fill this essential slot than with a pair of custom oxford shoes? You can choose fancy oxfords with tons of broguing, go with something simpler like wholecut oxford shoes, or any design in between. You also get to choose attributes like the type of leather finish and the exact shade of color for your oxford shoes.


Need a pair of leather shoes for winter that’s both stylish and comfortable? Look no further than our custom boots. These customs made boots options allow you to choose the type of leather on the outside and lining on the inside. So, you can adjust their composition based on the climate in your area. You can pick one of many types of leather boots as a template and customize it to your liking. Alternatively, you can take elements from multiple types of boot and merge them into one. Plus, the quality of our full grain leather custom made work boots would be satisfactory for folks working in trade professions as well.


You can rock a pair of custom loafers with both casual and professional outfits – making them one of the most versatile leather loafers in your wardrobe. We let you customize even the smallest details on your custom made leather shoes and loafers are no different. You have the option to change everything from the type of leather to the color of thread used for the moc toe stitching.


Think of moccasins as the fancier and more experimental version of loafers and our customization options for custom moccasins](/custom-moccasins) reflect that. You get more customizability than ever with almost every moccasins style, color combination, and design detail at your disposal. One aspect of our custom made moccasins that you cannot change is their premium build quality.

Our Custom Made Shoes Design Process

We are your one-stop-shop for custom made shoes online, no matter if you’re looking for men’s custom shoes or women’s custom shoes. Here’s our complete process backed by a direct-to-consumer business model:

Contact & Design For Custom Made Shoes

Soon after you submit a custom shoe order request, one of our talented designers will reach out to you. They will inquire about your expectations/requirements and provide free design consultancy to guide you through the process. This step also includes your exact measurements so we can make comfortable custom made shoes for wide feet or feet with a higher-than-average bridge. Once you’re satisfied with the customizations, the designer will create a digital mockup of your design and show it to you for approval.

Construction & Delivery For Custom Made Shoes

If you’re happy with the final design mockup, we move on to the production stage. Here our expert craftsmen make each shoe by hand using premium materials like full grain leather and Buffalo Compressed soles. After passing through multiple layers of quality control, your custom made shoes will arrive at your doorstep. Wanna know the best part? Our custom shoes come with free shipping anywhere in the world.