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Men's Varsity Jackets

Are you interested in buying varsity jackets? Do you know varsity jackets are in style? There is nothing more classy and timeless than a men’s varsity jacket. A varsity jacket for men is a must-have for your wardrobe. We feel that a custom varsity jacket for men has features that not only make it stylish but also add to its functionality. The Jacket Maker has an exquisite collection of men’s varsity jackets that are comfortable, versatile, and stunningly crafted.

We have a great selection of men’s leather varsity jackets. Whether you want sheepskin leather jackets or cowhide leather jackets – we have varied leather varsity jackets for men. The varsity letterman jackets are stylish, comfortable, and supreme in the world of fashion. We have men’s varsity jackets with leather sleeves. And the torso is also made of different fabrics. Continue to learn about men’s varsity jackets offered by us.

What Is a Letterman Jacket?

If you are a fan of leather jackets, you must have heard about the letterman jacket. Did you know that varsity jackets are also known as letterman jackets? Letterman jackets are a unique type of jacket that is worn by college and high-school students. Letterman jackets are gifted to athletes and are extremely popular. Some people wear letterman jackets as a tradition, too.

The Jacket Maker is known for providing custom varsity jackets for men in addition to having its capsule of varsity letterman jackets. The varsity letterman jacket offered by us is available in unique designs, leather types, and colors. The lettermen jackets are available in different collar styles – shirt style, varsity, collarless, etc. Contrary to popular belief, letterman jackets are not the same as leather aviator jackets.

Our Collection of Men’s Varsity Jacket

We have a wide collection of men’s varsity jackets. From the color to the fabric and styles, there is a lot of variety available. Like our leather bomber jackets, you can now get a varsity letterman jacket with different features. You will get the quilted polyester lining to make the men’s varsity jacket breathable and more comfortable. The men’s varsity bomber jacket has a boxy silhouette and is short-waisted. If you want a custom varsity jacket for men, we also have an option for that. You can check out the page we have created for custom varsity jackets for men.

The leather varsity jackets for men offered by us are available in different colors. For example, we have blue varsity jackets for men, black varsity jackets for men, green varsity jackets for men, brown varsity jackets for men, gray varsity jackets for men, navy blue varsity jackets for men, etc. These are urban cool in terms of colors and designs. The varsity jacket for men in black has a zipper closure as well as a buttoned closure. If you want to step slightly out of your comfort zone, do try our brown leather jackets.

Apart from having a rib-knit cuff style, there are several pockets as well. The colors add a unique aura to the varsity letterman jackets. We have block colors and complete colors. This way, you can wear a varsity letterman jacket that compliments your body and makes your body appealing.

If you want a wool varsity jacket for men, you have different options. Whether you like varsity jackets for men in black or any other color, the fabric is changeable.

Varsity Letterman Jacket Is Trendy

Men’s leather varsity jacket is extremely trendy. Men’s varsity-style jacket is a great investment as it is an integral part of the winter capsule wardrobe. You can wear it in all seasons. A timeless addition that can be paired with jeans, pants, and shorts. It is time you buy a men’s leather varsity jacket and look your best. Contrary to popular belief, you can wear a men’s varsity-style jacket anywhere – it isn’t just limited to college aesthetics.

Are Leather Varsity Jackets for Men Warm?

Leather varsity jackets for men can be extremely warm if it is integrated with warm lining. Polyester quilted lining is also comfortable and breathable but it is the fur and shearling lining that gives you a snug feel. Of course, you’d have to get a custom varsity jacket for men for this as most men’s varsity-style jackets have polyester lining.

FAQs About Men’s Varsity Jackets

Are Varsity Jackets Still a Thing In 2024?

Men’s varsity-style jackets are still popular. Thus, make sure you wear a men’s varsity letterman jacket in 2024.

What Is the Difference Between a Varsity Jacket and a Letterman Jacket?

There is no functional difference between a men’s varsity jacket and a letterman jacket.

Are High School Letterman Jackets Still a Thing?

Yes, high school men’s letterman jackets are still trendy.

Can Anyone Get a Varsity Jacket?

At The Jacket Maker, anyone can get men’s varsity bomber jackets along with leather shirt jackets.


That’s all for letterman jackets or leather varsity jackets. Make sure you check out our beautiful collection of men’s wool jackets and other winter jackets.