Suede Moto Jacket For Men & Women

Men’s Leather Jackets are a fashion statement that provides utmost style. Suede is a leather material that is famous for its luxe appearance that is due to the soft and supple feel of the leather material. Suede is the underside of the animal skin that is durable enough to withstand anything. It has a matte finish that makes the outerwear look more appealing and attractive. Suede Moto Jackets are basically motorcycle leather jackets that are in Suede finish. The combination of the two elements makes the apparel look highly luxe and fashionable in every aspect.

Suede Leather Moto Jacket (Material)

The Men & Women Suede moto jackets are made out of goatskin suede mainly as it is the most sturdy and durable type of leather. The suede moto jackets are softer to feel but have the ability to stay in place as goatskin is generally stiff and thick that makes the outerwear stay in shape. The suede moto jackets are a classic example of true womens leather biker jackets that are highly fashionable and stylish in every way. Be it a women suede moto jacket or a men, The Jacket Maker has the best quality outerwear when it comes to Suede Leather Moto Jackets.

Styles of Suede Moto Jackets

The suede moto biker jackets are basically biker leather jackets. Two major categories lie under these, which are cafe racer jackets and double rider jackets. Cafe racers are relatively decent and subtle when it comes to the style and overall appearance when compared to the double rider jackets which are bulky and exude a bold rugged vibe. Mens suede moto jackets have various styles, some feature a hefty feel that include notched collar, lapels, and side zipper closure and some are more elegant variations that are simple and feature a mid line closure along with a band styled collar. Be it men or women the suede moto jackets are similar in style in every aspect.

Classic Suede Moto Jackets

The suede biker jacket mens and women’s suede moto jacket are available in various color options that gives you a variety in order to select via your personal style. The basics remain when it comes to suede that is mocha brown, it is a universal color when it comes to men’s leather jackets as it can be paired with anything possible. Unlike suede leather jackets, brown suede jackets are relatively common as it exudes the overall look of the ensemble. Adding on the usual, black suede moto jacket is also one of the most common choices but when it comes to suede, it makes the color matte and everybody loves an all matte black leather jacket. Apart from the usuals, gray suede moto jacket is one unique color that elevates the overall look of the biker jacket. The Jacket Maker also offers more vibrant colors that include blue suede biker jacket, green suede jacket and tan suede.

Design Your Own Suede Biker Jackets

When it comes to opting for a leather jacket or even a leather coat, fit is something that you should never compromise upon. The Jacket Maker allows you to customize your suede moto jacket by giving you the option of tailoring your jacket via their Made To Measure process, this ensures that the jacket you buy will definitely fit you like a glove. Alongside, The Jacket Maker’s bespoke process lets you design your own leather jacket, be it for men or women suede jacket, you can have your jacket embroidered or printed with anything possible.