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About Bomber Jackets For Women

If one has to settle scores for one of the greatest comebacks ever in fashion and aesthetics, then it has to be that of a bomber jacket for women. A leather bomber jacket for women is a must-have outerwear for its easy-to-attain “cool girl” effect. A women’s bomber jacket has a signature boxy silhouette that is short-waisted with a ribbed cuff style. Serving you as the best outerwear this season, a bomber jacket for women exudes confidence and charisma like no other.

Versatile and classy range of colors, styles, and fabrics are available at The Jacket Maker, your one-stop shop for all things leather. Whether you’re looking for a vintage leather bomber jacket for women that has the regular varsity collar design or you want something more unique and distinctive like a hood or shearing collar, you can find a lot of variety. In fact, you’ve got a tie & dye bomber jacket, a shiny maroon, a distressed gray, and even a faded brown – basically, the options are endless.

Signature Design Of A Women’s Bomber Jacket

The design of a leather bomber jacket for women is classic, trendy, and athletic. The women’s bomber jacket collection offered by The Jacket Maker is exquisitely crafted with fine materials and meticulous attention to detail. The design and styles are much varied giving you endless options to choose from.

From semi-aniline to oil pull-up and suede, there are different types of finishing styles available. To make the women’s leather bomber jacket collection versatile, you can utilize the custom bomber jacket option; otherwise, a leather bomber jacket for women’s plus size is available. There’s a lot of utility, so you will have several internal and external pockets for storage. The short-waisted, boxy design is available with different collar styles, from shirt-style to ribbed, hooded, banded, varsity, etc.

Types Of Leather Bomber Jacket Women

Here are some of the top styles of bomber jackets for women (also known as leather aviator jackets).

MA1 Bomber Jackets

The MA 1 bomber jackets were first designed for pilots who fought in the First World War. It has a ribbed collar design with a zipper closure and ribbed cuff style. If you are looking for a bomber jacket for a women’s closet, this utilitarian design is the one to go for. An extremely versatile military gear that transformed into street style like it was made for it.

B3 Bomber Jackets

The B3 bomber jacket is a style known for its signature collar made from thick shearling. At The Jacket Maker, you can find women’s bomber jackets in B3 bomber style having a snug fit, ribbed cuffs style, and zipped closure. There are buckled straps as well that ensure close fitting. If you’re looking for jackets with high insulation properties and a classy style, get yourself a women’s bomber jacket in black with a B3 bomber design.

G1 Bomber Jackets

Having strong naval roots, the G1 bomber jackets were once uniform for flight pilots. The Jacket Maker has a collection of women’s bomber jackets that have huge frontal flap pockets. Of course, it is followed by banded collars and ribbed cuff style. Women who prefer a bit of an androgynous look should definitely opt for this collection.

A2 Leather Jackets

A2 leather jackets came in much later after the First World War. This style originated out of necessity in World War 2, in fact. It has a shirt-style collar with a waistband that tightens and grips the torso so that you feel comfortable and get a snugged feel. There is a zipped frontal closure along with a ribbed cuff style. The durability of leather and its craftsmanship is indisputable. You can also get it customized in women’s hooded leather jackets – the hood will be detachable.

Suede Bomber Jackets

Women’s suede jackets are lightweight, versatile, and extremely classy outerwear. Suede itself has a unique texture that gives the jacket a napped and fuzzy feel. From banded collar designs to pullover style, our collection of suede bomber jackets is cosmopolitan and great for a put-together look, requiring zero effort.

Fur & Shearling Leather Bomber Jackets

Women’s fur-shearling leather jackets are usually accompanied by a B3 bomber design. They have a thick lining for added insulation and also to give you a snugged feel. There is an addition of buckled collars and ribbed cuffs – for an overall comfortable feel. An immaculate choice for winter to protect you from harsh and cold winds.

Custom Bomber Jackets

The Jacket Maker has a variety of jackets and women’s winter coats made from high-quality leather. From A2 Bomber jackets to G1 bomber jackets even the pullover design is provided. You can get them in different colors and finishing styles – from a distressed brown number to a faded gray and a jet black. Find a custom leather jacket in your size – a measurement that fits you like a glove.


Women’s leather jackets are extremely popular and are a definite requirement for someone with a comfortable but classic style. Bomber leather jackets for women are perfect as they offer a sophisticated style and you can also create versatile looks from only one jacket. Thus, upgrade your sense of style and become an immaculate dresser for all occasions. Do check out our collection of men’s leather bomber jackets.