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Dan Frost Tan Shearling Jacket


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  • Outer Shell: Faux Leather
  • Inner Shell: Fully faux fur lined
  • Closure Style: Zipper
  • Collar Style: Shirt
  • Cuffs Style: Open hem
  • Inside Pockets: Two
  • Outside Pockets: Three
  • Color: Brown
  • Model is wearing a Size XLarge and is 183 cm  tall and weighs 200 Lbs
  • Care Instructions: Do not wash, bleach, tumble dry or iron. Soft dry Clean Only

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Aggregated Customer Reviews

(4.75/5 - Based on 276 Reviews)

Shue Vue

Since I was the one to commission the construction of this coat, here is the full review of my experience with this coat. To start, it is a very accurately made coat of Kishou Arima from the manga, "Tokyo Ghoul". Yet, there are a few flaws that are bound to be present and will be stated below. 1. The belt loops which hold the belt in place are a tight fit with the belt and getting the belt through is a bit of a challenge. I suggest asking for the loops to be a bit bigger when ordering so to ensure that the belt goes all the way around smoothly. 2. The coat is just a bit big on me as it goes just below my shins since I am a relatively small guy at 5'7.5", but not too big of an issue. 3. I had noticed that there was a central slit present on the back of the coat from the "Tokyo Ghoul" manga as they had finished up, but just a small piece of detail so it's not really anything to despair over. 4. It's a bit....heavy? To be honest, I wasn't really expecting it to have a bit of weight as I got it but since the base material is leather, as well as wearing the coat of the Arima Squad, the weight of the coat is understandable. Overall, even with these flaws, this is indeed a superb coat which came from the amazing effort and dedication of the agent and their production team that agreed to make this and I definitely recommend it to any "Tokyo Ghoul" fans who really wish to have the coat of 'The CCG's Reaper", Kishou Arima.

Peter J. Maximoff

Let me start off and say this inFAMOUS Cole MacGrath is EXACTLY as it looks on the picture, without a doubt the best Quality Leather feel ever, It is professionally made and accurate look to the Video Game. One thing I was disappointed in was the shipping, at first I thought my order and I had to contact The Jacket Maker for a replacement, then as soon as they're making my replacement Jacket, Fed EX at the wrong time called me saying they found my lost Jacket... I was "Really?" but it's no big deal because as soon as they delivered my lost Jacket I returned it right away for a Size Exchange, days later I received my newly custom sized Jacket. I am now extremely satisfied with the perfect size and Jacket smells really good. Again I was more disappointed at Fed EX for almost losing my package, The Jacket Maker on the other is very helpful and I will buy future Jackets from them again. Thank You Jacket Maker for this Masterpiece made Jacket.


A great trench buttons I feel needed on cape and shoulder attachments but overhaul trench well made would recommend.

Jay B

was very hesitant to order a leather jacket online. Wow I was blown away how well it fits and the quality of the jacket it was so happy. Best leather jacket I have owned in years .


The duster fit me perfectly and the quality was above expectation. Shipping was relatively fast and I was kept in the loop via text messages and e-mails so I wondered where I was in the process. Excellent product and excellent service.I'll definitely shop with The Jacket Maker again.


Badass coat. Thick and well made. I'm totally impressed.

Joshua Ferguson

Ordered this jacket when it went on clearance. Easiest order I've ever done. Fastest shipping and the jacket fit like a glove. JUST A PSA i am a 38 chest and i'm 5' 8" and the large jacket a size 40 was a perfect fit. Great product. (above review is true, break it in and it'll be golden


Just received it and it's really awesome! Shipping was really fast (unfortunately had to pay border taxes), and the product fits me perfectly and really looks like Starlord's one!


It was pretty good. Rate 8/8

Daniel B

This would be my second review and my second jacket I've had the pleasure to get my hands on from The Jacket Maker, the first being the Devil's Long Coat. But I have to start by first and foremost giving my highest regards to the amazing people whom work those tireless hours to work with the material. Phenomenal work, the design, the comfort, the craftsmanship is far beyond what you'd find in your usual store. This far exceeded my expectations and I hope the team behind the stitching work reads this because they deserve the praise. I have no doubts when I go to buy my next jacket that the quality will again exceed what I paid for!

Brian Lyons

Very pleased with the product and the quick delivery.