Ma1 Bomber Jackets For Men & Women

MA 1 Bomber Jackets are one of the most iconic pieces when we talk about bomber jackets. Original ma 1 bomber jacket was originated by the US Air-force in order to keep their pilots warm in the chilly winds when they flew fighter jets. Since then these have gained popularity among the street style and are still loved by almost everyone. The ma 1 bomber jackets were not made in leather originally, they used to be made in nylon or polyester which had the tendency to insulate the wearer. Nowadays, ma-1 bomber jackets are being made in real leather that makes the very style look amazing and highly fashionable. Be it a ma 1 bomber jacket for men or women, the epic styled leather bomber jackets exhibits as much style as any classic [A2 leather jackets]/a2-leather-jackets) does.

Material for MA 1 Bomber Jackets

At The Jacket Maker, ma1 flight bomber jackets are available in not only leather but polyester as well that helps keep the classic aviator jacket as it is supposed to be. The leather that is used in making is of the finest quality, full grain semi aniline leather. The leather is durable and smooth to touch; which gives the suede bomber jacket a unique contemporary look. If we look into the polyester used in making the Hanklin Ma 1, it is of the highest quality that has the ability to provide utmost warmth and comfort while being super lightweight.

Color Variations in MA 1 Bomber Jackets

Initially, when MA 1 flight jackets were used by the US military, they were available in only one color that was sage green along with orange safety lining, but as the evolution in the fashion industry, the ma-1 bomber jacket is available in a wide array of colors that helps you choose the best one for you. At The Jacket Maker, Ma 1 bomber jackets are available in a variety of color option for both men and women, the contemporary universal basics are the first to talk about that includes, black ma1 bomber jacket which gives off the classic leather jacket look. Black ma1 bomber jackets can be paired with anything possible, be it a men’s casual attire or women’s dressy casual. The next in hand is a more earthy and luxe tone which is brown bomber jackets, brown as a color gives a classy luxe vibe that allows the outerwear to be paired with anything possible. Apart from the classics, the ma1 flight jacket is available in vibrant colors in order to cope up with societal needs, these include, blue ma 1 bomber jacket, green ma 1 bomber jacket, distressed ma 1 bomber jacket and lastly red ma 1 bomber jacket.

Features of MA 1 Bomber Jackets

The ma 1 bomber jackets feature a classic design element within the outerwear. The classy casual look of the outerwear helps the jacket to be paired with anything at all. The ma 1 flight jacket features a rib knit band collar and cuffs that helps in maximum comfort along with insulation. A front closure and functional pockets. These features make the hooded bomber jacket highly performing along with being fashionable.

Custom MA-1 Bomber Jackets

Be it any leather jacket, The Jacket Maker allows you to customize your bomber jacket in order to fulfill your needs. Choosing the right size is one that is the most important when it comes to women’s leather bomber jackets. The Jacket Maker’s made-to measure process allows you to get your jacket tailored right at your size so it could fit you like a glove. Alongside, if you like a biker jacket but don’t want the hefty waist belts, The Jacket Maker’s bespoke process allows you to design your own jacket just the way you want.