Black Fur & Shearling Leather Jackets for Men - 100% Real Leather

The chill mornings of the fall and freezing winter nights call for winter jackets for men warm enough to keep you cozy and comfortable in the frigid months. While standard men’s leather jackets are a year-round staple giving you optimal comfort and a high dose of style to beat the bitter breezes of colder months, you need a fur outerwear that is built for the season. When it comes to cold-weather clothing, fur and shearling jackets have serious staying power. From its organic origins to the various versions engineered to emulate the look and offer the warmth of the real thing, fur and shearling jackets are an ageless trend that’s as classic as it gets, and when you bring the color black into it, the classiness and versatility are elevated to the maximum. A real or faux fur black jacket will add a level of sophistication to your everyday wardrobe — whether you’re going to work or to dinner black faux fur jacket or coat can be worn with anything and stay warm between degrees.

Types Of Fur In Men’s Black Fur & Shearling Jackets.

Fur used in men’s black fur and shearling jackets can be broadly classified into two categories — real or faux. Real fur is sourced from the hides of animals such as foxes, raccoons, mink, and the list goes on. It is then treated to make it suitable for use in apparel and accessories. On the other hand, fake fur or commonly referred to as faux in the clothing world, is a man-made synthetic alternative fabricated to imitate the characteristics of real fur. So whether you pick up a cozy men’s shearling coat or a biker leather jacket with fur details exuding high-octane coolness, or a black faux mink fur jacket, the fur in them is either of the two. However, real fur tends to be on the higher price end and sometimes not in line with the ethical standards of many. With faux fur continuing to enhance over time, they are now as good as the real item and a popular choice for winter wear. We at The Jacket Maker incorporate high-grade faux fur in our black faux fur jacket assortment with the exception of a few, such as the double face black shearling jacket mens with the preference for real shearling can get for its denseness, thickness, and matte appearance

Styles Of Men’s Black Fur & Shearling Jackets

One of the most stylish and cozy items any man can own is a black faux fur leather jacket. Leather and fur are a match made in fashion heaven and ensure that you will be warm and comfortable, and it genuinely looks good too. The timeless black color guarantees that it harmonizes with everything in your closet. Plus, there are plenty of choices when it comes to styles in fur and shearling jackets, and you are certainly not limited by choice. Think of a cozy yet stylish men’s shearling bomber jacket or a men’s leather trench coat with fur lining for the ones with dramatic style essence. Then there is a military-inspired jacket, including a black faux fur bomber jacket or black shearling aviator jacket. Not to forget about the symbol of the motorcycling community turned into a symbol of fashion– the black faux fur lined moto jacket and not mentioning the black suede shearling jacket will be a disservice to those in love with the fuzzy and napped texture of the suede finish.

The Jacket Maker Assortment Of Men’s Black Fur & Shearling Jacket.

The Jacket Maker strives to be a one-stop solution for outerwear for men. Be it a leather bomber jacket or men’s black shearling jacket or trench coats and windbreakers, our collections are filled to the brim with options for a broad spectrum of customers. While our brown faux fur jacket assortments offer a variety of shades of brown from mocha to tan to dark brown, our black fur and black shearling jacket is not monotonous at all. We have played with a variety of classic and contemporary styles, design details, and lining options to bring an element of diversity to our men’s black fur & shearling jacket collection. So whether you are looking for a classic all black shearling jacket or black leather look faux fur collar biker jacket with a contrasting collar or a leather jacket with fur collar, there is a jacket for everyone–from statement makers to minimalists.