About Men's Blue Leather Jackets

The Jacket Maker’s assortment of blue leather jackets is as creatively diverse as it is unique and original. Taking you through an interesting movement from lavender inspired blue to an ionic blue, a striking moon-blue to a deep and mystery enhancing charcoal navy blue. Aside from these awesome blue tones, you get to enjoy some pretty cool jacket styles as well. Whether you’ve got a thing for blue biker jackets, bomber jackets, stylish suede jackets or even classic blazers and coats. If blue is a colour you don’t totally love, either dark blue or light blue, there is always more colour variations, as well as alternatives that include brown leather jackets, green leather jackets or better yet, red leather jackets for some extra oomph. Leather jackets at The Jacket Maker are crafted using cow or buffalo hide, sheepskin or lambskin to name a few materials. A distressed or burnished finish to aniline or semi-aniline leather, nappa or nubuck, in full-grain mostly and with possible effects. With a great team of customer service assistants, ready to answer any jacket query you may have to advice and suggestions that you will find helpful and design consultants who assist you every step of an amazingly creative process that gets you a customized leather jacket that is made just for you and only you. A true The Jacket Maker experience that you will find impressive as well as memorable.