About Fur & Shearling Leather Coats For Men

Men love embracing an outerwear that is timeless and classy thus they just do not want to give it away; when we talk about classic clothing pieces, ultimately men’s leather jackets come to our mind. Leather jackets have been in the fashion parade for a very long period of time, and this trend does not seem to end any time in the near future.

When we talk about leather jackets there are a lot of styles that men love just like the men’s distressed leather jackets and the Ma1 Bomber Jackets. However, if you are specifically talking about winter, then we are sure everyone is going to pick a leather jacket with fur which is also known as the men’s shearling jacket.

Just like men’s suede jackets, men’s shearling coats & jackets are a winter capsule staple and they are highly embraced as these top of the line clothing pieces keep you warm and give you a dapper look. No one would deny the fact that warmth, comfort and style do not come in all of the outfits. So, if you still do not own one, The Leather Jacket can help you buy the shearling coat of your dreams. We assure you that we use premium quality leather and our highly skilled craftsmen make your desired product by hand.

What is shearling fur?

Skin from recently sheared sheep is called shearling. The wool is left on while it goes through the dyeing and tanning procedure, which makes the shearling suitable for use in a variety of items. The wool is preserved after processing, so it qualifies as a fur product. This fur can be easily used in men’s leather trench coats or men’s leather dusters. If you want you can just get a detachable customized shearling fur collar for yourself made by The Jacket Maker.

What is a shearling jacket made of?

Shearling jackets are types of sheepskin jackets. That means, it is made out of lamb or sheep skin with wool attached to it. The wool may be part of the jacket lining or the collar, it depends on the style you pick. They are a perfect winter wear and give you a badass look if you pair it perfectly with your outfit.

Are leather shearling jackets worth it?

Leather jackets ranging from men’s biker jackets to A2 Leather Jackets, are all worth buying. But, if we are just talking about the men’s shearling coats & jackets, they definitely are worth a buy. Even when men’s shearling jackets are considered to be one of the most expensive buys of winter, it still justifies their cost. Shearling jacket men keep you toasty and make you look striking at the same time, and it is perfect for every event, what more would anybody like?

Is fur warmer than shearling?

Because of improvements in the design and manufacturing processes, men’s shearling coats or jackets can be incredibly flexible and light in weight. Due to these characteristics, shearling clothing is far more comfortable than the big, hefty jackets or coats made of fur or wool. Additionally, it is significantly more cost-effective than fur and cozier than wool. Particularly in strong cool winds, shearling jackets are going to keep you safe. Whether you want a soft lining in your B3 Bomber Jackets or a restful collar for your G1 Bomber Jackets, make sure to pick it in shearling fur.

Is a faux shearling jacket better than a real leather shearling jacket?

No, real leather shearling jackets cannot be replaced with faux shearling jackets. It is because faux leather is fake, and thus does not last you long. Also, the fur on the faux shearling jacket is not that warm but is heavier than real fur. If you choose to buy a real leather shearling, let us assure you that it will last you a lifetime if you take good care of it. Real shearling will not crack or get damaged in fact it will start giving a more burnished look as it ages. That is why we have seen that real leather men’s bomber jackets are bought more frequently than the faux leather bomber jackets.

Can shearling fur be dyed in different colors?

Yes, shearling fur can be dyed to a different color. Some customers just want to pick colors that are bold and out of the box, that is where The Jacket Maker will help you in customizing it. If you are looking for shearling men’s green leather jackets, men’s blue leather jackets or even men’s maroon leather jackets, we are going to help you get your shearling dyed. The fur has to be bleached and then you can make it go through the dyeing procedure.

How long do men’s shearling coats last?

When we talk about these shearling men’s winter coats, let us tell you that these top-notch shearling coats are able to last for years with appropriate care and it still maintains their shape while being supple at the same time. Premium quality are the toughest shearling coats and jackets which you can find at The Jacket Maker. People who own a shearling jacket make it last a lifetime, you can often see people wearing a passed-on shearling jacket.

Customize a men’s shearling coat by The Jacket Maker

The Jacket Maker offers a wide array of classic brown leather jackets and men’s black leather jackets, but if you are specifically looking for men’s shearling coats & jackets you can go through our product list and choose. Thanks to The Jacket Maker, leather shearling coats in particular are now a contemporary take on a timeless wardrobe essential. Men’s shearling coats have a feel of functionality and appearance that sets this style apart. Also, The Jacket Maker is the ideal place to get any of your custom leather jackets, so you can experiment with your designs and your dream jacket. Our customer care representatives are always happy to help you in any way possible. You can let us know the details of your jacket and we will be more than happy to deliver exactly what you want.