Shearling Jackets & Coats For Women

Every woman deserves to look and feel her best, even in the chill of winter. A combination of outerwear and accessories can be worn to keep you warm without losing the style to which you’ve grown accustomed. While the choice in accessories can be limited, the diversity of women’s outerwear is undeniable — from cozy fur-lined womens leather jackets to military gear inspired ma1 bomber jackets to classic leather trench coats to various versions of the leather bomber jacket for women can find outerwear that matches their style, personality, and lifestyle. However, a shearling jacket women are also inclined toward for a long time as it renders a perfect balance of fashion and comfort. Their soft and furry surface not only keeps you warm but also adds a high dose of elegance and practicality to your outfits.

Types Of Shearling In Shearling Jackets For Women

Shearling jackets have been a fashion staple for the in-between weather, but they are an increasingly popular choice of winter coat for women when the temperature reaches the lower end of the scale. Cozy, luxurious, and easy to wear, a shearling jacket is a wardrobe essential for women who want to look chic and warm. Not to forget the sheer amount of choice you get in shearling jackets and coats for women. They’re available in a range of different styles and lengths and colors, and each of them has something different to offer. However, they are mainly classified on the basis of their source of shearling. Real shearling coats are made from the skin of sheep with wool still attached to it. The skin is then tanned and dyed to make it suitable to be utilized in making coats, jackets, and other accessories. Typically the wool side is used for the inner shell of a jacket to provide a soft layer between the body and the outer shell. On the other hand, a faux shearling lined jacket is created from faux shearling, also known as sherpa. This is a synthetic alternative generally made of polyester or a mix of polyester/cotton with a look that emulates real shearling but has a little bit of sheen to it as opposed to the dull look of real shearling. Real shearling is known for its breathability and heavier dense nature, and a high-quality faux shearling replicates the same feel and characteristics with minuscule differences.

Styles Of Shearling Jackets & Coats For Women.

Shearling jackets are a timeless wardrobe essential that has evolved with the times. They are universally loved these days by all, not just because they keep you warm but because they add a distinct charm to cold-weather outfits. The ultimate in warmth, these iconic jackets were once used to keep aviators warm during WWII and protect them from frigid temperatures during flights. They are a successor to a1 & a2 leather flight jacket that comes under the umbrella term of bomber jackets. One of the earliest versions of real shearling coats known is the b3 bomber jacket with buckled collars, waist adjustment straps, front zipper & pockets as defining features. Other variations include the g1 flight jacket with a fur-lined collar and big snap button pockets as key features.

A staple in military-style outerwear, shearling jackets have been a part of fashion through history, too, as they were adopted by pop culture icons soon after they were dropped as a part of military clothing due to the availability of more practical options. With time they entered the women’s fashion landscape too. Now a shearling aviator jacket for women who appreciate their practicality and timelessness add to their wardrobes. Fashion brands have been playing with shearling because of its durability, its extreme warmth, and its overall attractiveness. Contemporary models of shearling jackets and coats are available in every style—from long shearling coats to vintage shearling coats to a cropped faux shearling lined jacket & a lot more.

Shearling Jackets & Coats For Women At The Jacket Maker

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