A great trench buttons I feel needed on cape and shoulder attachments but overhaul trench well made would recommend.

Jay B

was very hesitant to order a leather jacket online. Wow I was blown away how well it fits and the quality of the jacket it was so happy. Best leather jacket I have owned in years .


The duster fit me perfectly and the quality was above expectation. Shipping was relatively fast and I was kept in the loop via text messages and e-mails so I wondered where I was in the process. Excellent product and excellent service.I'll definitely shop with The Jacket Maker again.


Badass coat. Thick and well made. I'm totally impressed.

Joshua Ferguson

Ordered this jacket when it went on clearance. Easiest order I've ever done. Fastest shipping and the jacket fit like a glove. JUST A PSA i am a 38 chest and i'm 5' 8" and the large jacket a size 40 was a perfect fit. Great product. (above review is true, break it in and it'll be golden


Just received it and it's really awesome! Shipping was really fast (unfortunately had to pay border taxes), and the product fits me perfectly and really looks like Starlord's one!


It was pretty good. Rate 8/8

Daniel B

This would be my second review and my second jacket I've had the pleasure to get my hands on from The Jacket Maker, the first being the Devil's Long Coat. But I have to start by first and foremost giving my highest regards to the amazing people whom work those tireless hours to work with the material. Phenomenal work, the design, the comfort, the craftsmanship is far beyond what you'd find in your usual store. This far exceeded my expectations and I hope the team behind the stitching work reads this because they deserve the praise. I have no doubts when I go to buy my next jacket that the quality will again exceed what I paid for!

Brian Lyons

Very pleased with the product and the quick delivery.

Just take my money!

You have not failed this city! This product is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I ordered it in enough time to where it got here the day before I needed to wear it and no adjustments needed. I'm literally at a loss for words with this product. The custom fit is perfect, so comfortable, lightweight and breathable. There's spandex in the knee so it does not restrict your movements, very flexible material. The lining in side separates the leather from your skin so you stay cool. I absolutely recommend this to anyone trying to do a cosplay or just a super legit Halloween costume. It's worth the money! Once they did ship it, I followed the tracking and it shipped from Pakistan and got to me in Las Vegas, NV in like 3-4 days. Super fast and best product on the market for this price and this costume! BUY IT!

Eric Brennan

Ok so having it awhile gives me greater insight than doing this right away. My only two complaints are the one pocket bottom giving out, and the leather being stiff. However, since this is my customized coat, I will say it is an extraordinarily hard coat to make. Since I have casted this in the worst light possible, I will say I still love the coat. It is just short of perfection, but that does not denounce the fact that this is still a high quality coat